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An accident, even one where you weren’t in any way at fault, and hopefully any injuries are superficial, can be viewed as a life-altering event. If your vehicle is heading for a spell in the repair shop, then your comfortable established routine seems to be in pieces.

Consider what you might normally use your vehicle for. There’s the problem of getting to work, or moving about to different locations while working. If you are a parent, then there will be places that your kids need to be, and even when family and friends offer to help out, not having a car can be a real hassle. The weekly supermarket shop suddenly seems a whole different activity.

Carry on carrying on!

There is one piece of comforting news at such times, that can greatly help with all of the above. Under Australian Law, if you are the victim of an accident that was not your fault, then you are actually entitled to a courtesy replacement vehicle while yours is under repair.

Therefore, all of the above ‘problems’ can actually be dealt with as you normally would. In fact, the replacement courtesy car should be of a similar type to your own – so you won’t have to squeeze a large family into a small compact if your own car is a saloon! An Excess Waiver is also included, and the cost of providing this replacement vehicle is met by the insurers of whoever caused your accident.

To further help you carry on carrying on, the replacement can be delivered to the repair shop where you are leaving your damaged car; and then collected from that same location when you return to reclaim your own.

Make a note of the Not My Fault number

It’s 1800699034. Keep that in your mobile device, or in your wallet or purse. If you are then the victim of an accident where you weren’t to blame, then call our Not My Fault team as soon as possible. We’ll use our unmatched Australia-wide expertise to quickly gather the information we need to set to work on your behalf. We’ll carry on helping you to keep carrying on!