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The experience of being in a not at fault accident, the type when you have been involved in a car accident that’s completely out of your control, is devastating. Luckily, you haven’t been injured, but your car has seen better days.

While most people are entitled to an accident replacement vehicle, very few take up the opportunity to hire one. In this article, we discuss why we highly encourage you to hire an accident replacement car, and why your daily life will thank you for it.

Don’t Get Behind On Commitments

Despite your accident, life needs to continue, and all of your pressing work commitments, childcare obligations, and daily errands need to continue as usual. With an accident replacement vehicle, your everyday routine continues uninterrupted as your car is repaired, or as you begin the process of buying a new one, and no event in your life is missed due to something that wasn’t your fault.

Dealing With No Time Frame For Repairs

Repairing damages from an accident can be a lengthy and unpredictable process for the vehicle’s owner. While most panel beaters and repairmen give accurate turnaround times, unavoidable delays can happen, simply due to the severity of the damages. With no defined time frame, you shouldn’t be without a car for an unspecified period. The process of writing off a severely damaged car can also be lengthy, from receiving your insurance to picking out a new car, and an accident replacement car will help you during this time.

Get Back On The Horse

Not at fault accidents can be the hardest to recover from; getting back behind the wheel of the car can seem nerve-wracking and scary, but avoiding driving ever again isn’t a situation you want to find yourself in. An accident replacement vehicle gives you the gentle yet much-needed encouragement to get back on the horse and continue driving, keeping you on the road and with the lifestyle you love.

You May Be Entitled

If you are entitled to an accident replacement vehicle, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take up the option. Some people are hesitant to take advantage of this important inclusion to their insurance or situation, however, there is no reason why you should suffer if you are entitled to an accident replacement vehicle. Understanding your entitlements is key, so it’s best to check your insurance and entitlement surrounding an accident replacement vehicle, regardless of whether you have been in an accident or not.

Not at fault accidents can happen at any time; if you are in the need of an accident replacement vehicle, contact Not My Fault to organise your accident replacement rental car today!