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A dictionary definition of the word ‘courtesy’ tells us it is ‘the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behaviour towards others’. This suggests good manners, being helpful, but as a behaviour that is chosen rather than simply an expectation. This can suggest that providing a courtesy replacement car after someone is a victim of a traffic accident where they were not at fault is somehow a favour.

It isn’t. Under Australian Law, if you have been a victim, then you are legally entitled to that accident replacement car. The cost of this is taken care of by the guilty party’s insurance company. Probably unsurprisingly, some companies don’t make much mention of this when providing information to potential customers!

Offering courtesy with your replacement car

However, our Not My Fault team do believe in being as helpful as possible. Therefore, we can organise that your substitute vehicle is delivered right to the repair shop where you are leaving your own car to have any damage repaired. Also, when it’s ready to get back on the road with you, we’ll also organise the collection of the replacement from the repair shop. Further good news: your replacement vehicle will be provided with an Excess Waiver for further peace of mind.

Providing a like for like replacement

This is important in a situation where you are suddenly deprived of your means of getting to work, play, kids’ activities, family visits – and all the other activities for which you rely on your vehicle. This is why, when we organise that substitute vehicle, our aim is to make sure that, in terms of usefulness, it is as close to your own as possible. This means replacing a family saloon with something similar, rather than a compact which might well simply not meet your needs.

Contacting our helpful Not My Fault team

We know that being involved in an accident, and not being at fault, can be a disturbing experience. Our aim is to provide courteous and professional service to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. That’s why it pays to keep our number in your mobile device: it’s 1800699034. Of course, we hope you never need to use it, but accidents do happen and we’re ready to help 24/7.