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Accident Replacement Vehicle

Am I entitled to a courtesy car?

By April 26, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

Many individuals are unaware whether or not they have access to a courtesy vehicle or replacement courtesy car in the event that they have an accident and their own vehicle is rendered ineffective. Keep reading to find out when you could be eligible for a courtesy car today.

What is a courtesy car?

A courtesy car refers to a rental vehicle provided by a garage whilst your vehicle is being fixed. Depending upon the level of coverage, courtesy vehicles are often covered as part of your policy. As long as your vehicle is repairable and being fixed at a certified garage, all comprehensive insurance plans provide a courtesy car as standard.

Some general guidelines for using a courtesy vehicle

A courtesy vehicle is usually included in many comprehensive insurance packages. Typically, you’ll be allowed to utilise the vehicle until your vehicle is ready to drive again.

However, you should be aware that to get a courtesy vehicle, you may be required to transport your car to a certain garage that has been authorised by the insurer. If you don’t have hire vehicle insurance, which is generally an add-on rather than a standard policy, you might be left without a car entirely if you have a major accident.

What are the requirements for a courtesy car?

You’ll receive a courtesy car for as long as the work takes if you go to an authorised repairer. The courtesy vehicle will be provided after the repairs have been authorised by a technician, not earlier.

How long will I be able to retain the car?

The good news is that you’ll be allowed to retain the courtesy vehicle for as long as your car is being repaired. One of the biggest advantages of using a courtesy car is that they can keep you mobile while your vehicle is being repaired and restored to a roadworthy condition.

If you find yourself in a not-my-fault car accident, make sure to get in touch with our friendly and expert team at Not My Fault to arrange a courtesy car or replacement vehicle today.