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If you are a keen motorbike rider, you’ll know that, no matter how thoughtful and careful you are on the road, accidents do happen. Perhaps a motorist isn’t paying as much attention as they should. It’s also possible that they are not aware of the need to pay extra care to spot motorbikes, in certain locations, when on the road.

So, despite your best efforts, you could be involved in a road traffic accident.

Dealing with the aftermath of such an accident

Obviously, your health is of primary concern. After taking care of that aspect, thoughts can move on to more mundane matters. If your bike is your main source of transport, and it’s going to be off the road for a period of time in a repair shop, then how do you make those vital or regular journeys to work or elsewhere?

Important news that not all bike riders are aware of

Under Australian law, if you are a victim of a not-your-fault accident on your bike, then you are actually entitled to an accident replacement car! This does not even involve an initial cost to you. Our Not My Fault team will work directly through the at-fault driver or rider’s insurance company. In this way, you are supplied with reliable transportation, within reason, for the time that your bike is being repaired.

Further good news

If you and your bike are headed for a repair shop, then, if it’s better for you, our team can even have the replacement vehicle delivered directly to that location for you.

When your motorbike has been repaired and is ready for you to collect, you can then also leave the replacement courtesy car at that location. One of our Not My Fault team will then arrange its pick-up as you head off back to your normal life on your own wheels.

Contact us quickly after an accident

Once you are safe, the quicker you call our team on 1800699034 or visit us online, the quicker we can get to work on your behalf. So, do keep our details close-at-hand!