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For a variety of personal reasons, you may prefer the pleasure or convenience of a motorbike to a car. However, as with automobile drivers, if you are involved in an accident that’s not your fault, then the inconvenience caused when your bike has to spend some time in a repair shop can be considerable.

Information that might surprise you!

Our team here at Not My Fault often talk to friends or acquaintances who are bike riders. They are frequently surprised when we tell them that our replacement vehicle service is not just for those with cars who have been involved in not-my-fault accidents.

This temporary replacement car facility can also help bike riders remain mobile until their own vehicle is ready to get back on the road, or if, sadly, it has been written off. Although it’s not the same as riding your bike, we know that, at least it does keep you mobile. This means you can still get to work, or where you need to be, without the hassle of relying on friends or using public transport. The replacement vehicle is also comprehensively insured.

One course of action not to take

After being involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault, we know some bike owners might hire a replacement courtesy car themselves. We wouldn’t recommend this: yes, you might eventually get reimbursement of what will be a considerable outlay, but that’s not always assured. Even if you do, you can be out-of-pocket for a considerable period of time.

One course of action we do recommend

Simply contact our helpful and experienced Not My Fault team. After providing a few key details about your accident, we can get to work organising that vital replacement car. We can even bring the vehicle right to you, saving more time and effort on your behalf, in what is always a stressful situation. When your bike is fixed and ready to get you back on the road, we can arrange to pick your replacement car up right from the repair shop.

You can provide the necessary information using our Apply Online Now box. Even simpler: just make sure our number is in your phone or on your tablet or laptop for instant access whenever you need us, it’s 1800699034…