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How often do you climb out of your car, especially after a lengthy drive, and feel stiff, sore, or simply uncomfortable? Taking the time to find your best possible driving position can make both the driving itself, and how you feel afterwards, easier to bear.

Appreciating that some car seats are more flexible than others, in terms of the adjustments that can be made, here are some tips to help you find as good a driving position as possible…

# Squiggle your bottom as close as you can to the backrest of the driver’s seat

# Adjust the space between seat and control pedals so that your knee is still slightly bent when you completely depress the pedals

# Set your shoulders back against the backrest – or at least as close to it as you can. This contact should be maintained even when turning the steering wheel

# Adjust the lumber support in your vehicle so that it best matches the natural shape of the lumber area of your back

# Tilt the position of the backrest so that you can reach the steering wheel with your arms still slightly bent. This position works in conjunction with the next point

# Tilt the seat cushion to a point where you can fully depress the pedals with ease, while your thighs rest gently and without pressure on the cushion

# Wind your seat as high as you can to deliver as an unobstructed a view as possible both of the internal instruments as well as the outside world

# Set the headrest so that its upper edge is matched to the height of your head. The distance from it to your head should be 2cms or so

Of course, this isn’t an exact science as every car – and driver – is different. However, the tips should provide a useful starting point for finding your best position.

Victim of a ‘not your fault’ accident – never a comfortable position

If this happens to you, as soon as you can, call our Not My Fault team on 1800 699 034. Many folks don’t appreciate that, under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. Our experienced Not My Fault team are ready to guide you through the process…