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As the holiday season approaches, it might seem that driving during this specific time of year is no different from any other. Yet there are some danger factors that are heightened during the festive season. Here are four worth paying attention to.


There is so much to think about around this time of year that it is easy to become distracted. You might be visiting stores or locations you don’t throughout the rest of the year. This means seeing different distractions in the environment you’re driving through. Sadly, it can also mean it’s not unknown to try to check location advice on a smartphone while behind the wheel.

Festive drinking

Again, at this special time of year, some people take more chances than they should. Drinking and then driving after that office party or family gathering is, of course, completely off-limits. This can make a crucial difference to your driving alertness and responses to road conditions or other situations. Remember that being the worse for wear can also apply to others on the road, whether behind the wheel or even on foot. Therefore there’s a need to pay even greater attention to others’ behaviour.

Increased pressure

‘Are we there yet?’ might be a frequent cry from back-seat kids as you head out to visit friends, relatives, or even on a special trip. Then, you’ll almost certainly be late setting out and feel pressurised to up your speed just a little. You simply might be frazzled by having to undertake too many journeys in a short space of time. Tempers can fray, frustrations can build, and driving skills can suffer.


Tied to the previous point, the demands on you, if you are the family driver, can mean longer, and more stressful hours behind the wheel. Less rest than normal is also likely because of all the events that are taking place across the festive period.

Accidents still happen

Paying attention to all of the above sadly doesn’t mean that you will always avoid accidents caused by those who don’t. If you are the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault, and your car is in the repair shop, then Australian Law entitles you to a replacement courtesy car.

This is why it pays to keep our number with you at all times. Contact our Not My Fault team on 1800699034 and set us to work on your behalf to get you back on the road – so vital over the festive season!