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How to be more comfortable when driving

By April 27, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

You’ll often find valuable blogs offering safe driving tips for a variety of different conditions. It’s probably more unusual to find advice about being more comfortable behind the wheel. Yet, being uncomfortable, or irritated, can often negatively affect your concentration. So, here are four items you might consider adding to your driving experience. Each, in their own way, can help you feel better when driving…

Invest in a quality steering wheel cover

Driving on hot, sticky days can leave your hands moist and slippy. Choosing a breathable and anti-slip steering wheel cover can make driving a more pleasant experience. It can also allow you to have a more comfortable grip as you drive.

Always carry a sunshield for your windshield

Getting into a stiflingly-hot vehicle gets any journey off to a bad start. You might normally have protection from the sun when you park at home or work. Elsewhere, not so much! A foldable auto shade can block those burning rays, delivering a much better in-car climate when you return to it.

Add a seat cushion – especially for older vehicles

Seats wear out over time. Sitting comfortably can then be less of a given. A memory foam or wedged seat cushion can increase driver comfort, especially if you tend to suffer from backache or stiffness. Such cushions can also improve your sitting posture. A non-slip underside or ties can also make for a more stable, less squirmy, driving position!

Not forgetting a seatbelt strap cover

A seatbelt offers great protection, but sometimes at the expense of comfort. Drivers fiddling with their seat belts, trying to find a better position, have a lower level of vital concentration. Comfortable, protective pads cost just a few dollars. As well as protecting drivers and passengers, they can also avoid wear and tear for your clothing.

Uncomfortably, not your fault accidents still happen!

If you’re ever the victim of another driver’s incompetence, you might find your vehicle is heading for the repair shop. This is when it’s a comfort to have this number with you: 1800699034. This quickly connects you with our experienced Not My Fault team.

Under Australian law, not at fault drivers are entitled to a replacement courtesy car to keep them on the road. So, if you are ever in such circumstances, we’re ready to help.