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If you are the innocent victim of an accident where you were not at fault, it can quickly feel as if life is ganging up on you. The first step, of course, is to ensure that you personally, and anyone with you in your vehicle, are physically okay. After that, you might well be standing at the side of the road, looking at your beloved car, knowing it’s in serious need of some tender loving care.

So, it’s going to the repair shop. But, what about where you’re going? Not just in this moment, but over the period of time you’re going to be without your own vehicle. Not just you, but others who rely on you and your car for transport. This might include kids being ferried around their busy lives, dropping a partner off at work each day, picking up groceries and other supplies for elderly relatives. You certainly can’t let your life grind to a halt!

So how are you going to manage all that?

Our Not My Fault team know that some people panic slightly at this moment. They rush off and hire a replacement vehicle – and hope to reclaim the costs later. Our advice is simple: don’t!

Many drivers don’t appreciate that, under Australian law, after a not at fault accident, drivers are entitled to a replacement courtesy car – and the costs are covered by the insurers of the at-fault driver.

Not only that but to minimise disruption to your life, the replacement car should be similar to your own vehicle; for example, not replacing a roomy sedan with a tiny compact. Also, our experienced team can even have it delivered right to the repair shop where you are leaving your own vehicle. However angry or frustrated you are by what’s happened, at least you can get back on track in terms of being as mobile as you need to be.

Contacting the Not My Fault team

Here’s our number: 1800699034 – make sure you store it in your mobile phone or another hand-held device. If you are the not at fault victim of a traffic accident, as soon as you can, call us. We’ll quickly take you through the process, gather the information we need, and look to get the wheels you need to keep you on the move.