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We know our Australian climate can be a fickle companion. Bright sunshine can quickly give way to a thunderous downpour, as horrendous as it can be unexpected. If this happens to you, below are useful tips for you to keep in mind, covering four key areas.

Before you start though, particularly if heavy rain is forecast, it makes sense to check your windscreen wipers and top-up the cleaning solution. Take a few moments to carry out a quick tyre inspection, and then fill up with fuel early in your journey – if you are caught in tailbacks your vehicle will use up more fuel.

Using your lights

Instantly switching on your headlines, in dipped mode, helps you be visible to other road users. If your vehicle has separate rear fog lights, there can be an immediate urge to deploy them. However, in their advice, the RAC in the UK (and the British do drive in heavy rain quite a bit) points out that this can actually mask your brake lights and confuse those behind you.

Keep informed

Particularly if you are driving in an area where you don’t usually travel, tuning into a local radio station can provide valuable weather and traffic updates and suggestions.

If you do break down

While waiting for professional help to arrive, do keep the vehicle bonnet down. Repair truck drivers often find that the car owner has left the bonnet up when trying to find the fault. The result: rather wet under-the-hood electrics!

Watch your speed – especially through standing water

It makes simple sense to slow down and leave a far greater distance between you and any vehicles in front. If you encounter standing water, driving at speed to get through it is sometimes a panicked reaction. However, speed can lead to aquaplaning and the tyres losing contact with the surface. To regain grip, experts recommended that you do not suddenly brake, but allow your vehicle to decelerate until you feel control returning.

If you are the victim of an ‘it’s not my fault accident’

Should this happen to you, particularly in really wet weather, it can be natural for panic to set in about how you might get your car to a repair shop and then you to your destination. Keep our number in your mobile – 1800699034 – and call us as soon as you can. Under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car after a not-your-fault accident, so we can quickly set to work on your behalf to keep you on the move.