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It’s probably fair to say that virtually every driver, at some time, will have exceeded the set speed limit for the road on which they are driving. It’s equally true that many such slips are inadvertent rather than deliberate. These can be caused by a range of what might be called ‘speed triggers’. Here are some of the most common; you can assess how many – and in what situations – these might apply to you…

+ Having to speed up as you overtake a vehicle, either because you have underestimated its speed, or because that other driver has increased their speed, accidentally or not, as you attempt to complete the overtaking manoeuvre.

+ Feeling pressure to increase your speed because another driver has decided to drive too close to the back of your vehicle.

+ Not having given yourself enough time to complete the journey. Even if you have provided ample time, your drive can be hampered by accidents, roadworks and other hold-ups during your journey. Yet in truth, even when speeding up, very little actual difference is made to your arrival time.

+ It also pays to be careful and consider your driving in relation to the music you choose to accompany your journey. Fast-paced songs can sub-consciously see you increase your driving speed – almost as if you are trying to match the rhythm of the music!

+ Other in-car distractions, whether having an argument (or a frank discussion), trying to control unruly kids or pets, even laughing at something funny a passenger has said, can all take your attention away from the speed at which you are travelling.

It pays to get into the habit of glancing at your speedometer, perhaps every minute or so, or operating on below-the-limit cruise control if this is possible with your vehicle.

Accidents do still happen

Even when you are a careful driver, you cannot always account for the behaviour of others. If you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, and your vehicle is headed for the repair shop, call our Not My Fault team on 1800699034. Under Australian law, not at fault drivers are entitled to an accident replacement courtesy car – and that’s where we can help