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While this question tends to come down to personal opinion, it often gets asked a lot. Here we summarise some of the common opinions formed on the safety of manual versus automatic cars, and which is less likely to lead to a road accident.

Automatics are less stressful to drive

A lot of road accidents are simply caused by people stressing or panicking on the roads, and it’s often assumed that an automatic car takes away some of the everyday stress of driving. There is no clutch, and less in general for the driver to do, so it’s easier to have a mindset where nothing can go wrong.

However, it must be taken into consideration that some drivers of automatic cars are actually more inclined to pay less attention to the road, assuming that they can have a more relaxed view of road safety. When this is the case, they are inevitably less likely to detect and rectify the signs of a potential accident. Not paying attention to the roads due to distraction is a factor in approximately a quarter of road traffic accidents.

Manuals give more control

While a gearbox seems inconvenient, many people would argue that it makes a manual car the safer option as it gives you more control. While they tend to work accurately, it can’t be ignored that an automatic car is essentially making guesses about what gear it should be in in a certain situation. As advanced as technology now is, it can’t act as a fool-proof replacement for a human brain, which can assess any driving situation and decide to change gear accordingly.

Ultimately, when it comes to the possibility of a road accident, it’s a personal decision as to whether you find manual or automatic cars safer and easier to drive. As long as you pick the right car for you and follow the rules of the road, you should be able to avoid road accidents.

If not, we’re here to help! Whatever car you drive, for more information on accident replacement cars in the event of a not-at-fault accident, don’t hesitate to contact us Not My Fault.