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Harsh weather conditions come with reduced visibility, traction, and steering ability. The time and space required to bring your vehicle to a stop are also increased. Here are five tips to help you avoid being at fault while driving in bad weather.

1. Keep your headlights or fog lights on

You need to ensure other motorists can see you. When driving in fog, fog lights can significantly improve your line of sight. Being dimmer and more yellow in colour, they can cut through fog better than bright white light. Make sure you also defrost your windows completely.

2. Increase your distance

Keep more distance between yourself and the car in front, especially if you’re driving behind a cargo vehicle. Water splashes from the car in front can affect your visibility even further, but it also gives you enough time to stop and avoid hitting the car ahead of you if necessary.

3. Slow down

Remember that it takes longer to brake on slippery roads. Slowing down helps you to stop the vehicle in enough time and maintain control over your car. Remember to accelerate and brake gently on bends too, as is this where you’re more likely to lose control.

4. Drive defensively

Keep your eyes on the road and two hands firmly on the wheel. Remain alert and continuously scan the whole area, especially near intersections. Do not assume that having right of way means that the intersection is clear. Try to stay in your lane and avoid unnecessary lane changes.

5. Stay put if you get stuck

It’s easy to get lost if you head out in a bad storm. If you’re lost, pull over and switch on your hazard lights – remain in your car if it’s safe to and wait for help to arrive. Open the downwind window slightly for ventilation and keep the exhaust pipe clear to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Not My Fault can get you an accident replacement car if a careless motorist hits your car while driving in bad weather. You don’t need to panic if it wasn’t your fault. Simply call us to schedule a replacement courtesy car so you are not left without a car while your vehicle is being repaired.