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The tips here don’t refer to your response to a sudden incident while on the road. Instead, it’s about how you can prepare yourself to be generally less frustrated or angry when behind the wheel.

Think about the timing of your drive

There are some journeys, such as to work or dropping the kids off at school, which are fairly inflexible. However, aiming to leave just that few minutes earlier can help.

For more discretionary journeys, consider the best time to avoid traffic. If you plan ahead, it’s less likely that you’ll be held up, which prevents frustration.

Consider increasing your comfort levels

This can be both mentally and physically. For the first, aim to be rested before setting out on your journey – especially if it’s going to take a while and involves a route that is new to you.

Consider what music you might play that you find soothing – easy listening rather than heavy metal perhaps! Another option might be an audiobook, but not one that becomes too involving and sends your heart-rate rising.

Physically, set the environment inside your car to the climate levels that best suit you. Also, a touch of air freshener might rid the interior of unpleasant smells, such as last-night’s burger and fries on the way home!

Control your thinking processes

Say you have a major decision to make about your work or private life. It might seem that a car journey is a good opportunity to think it through. The danger is that this leaves you focussing on the problem, and often the anxiety-inducing parts of it, rather than paying clear attention to your driving.

There is still the opportunity for a not at fault car accident

You can’t prepare other road users as well as you do yourself. Should you fall victim to an accident where you are not at fault, there’s one important point you should know. Under Australian Law, if your car is going to be off-the-road in a repair shop, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. Therefore, if that accident happens, make sure you contact our Not My Fault professionals as soon as you can. Set us to work to get you back on-the-road