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As unfortunate as it is, car accidents do happen. To help you stay safe on the road, let’s have a look at a few nifty gadgets you can buy today.


While not a safety item in the direct sense, a dashcam can be extremely valuable, especially during a not-at-fault car accident. In the case that a dispute arises from your insurance claim, video evidence of the accident happening in real-time is going to be extremely hard to counter. There are plenty of brands, storage sizes and qualities out there to suit all needs, so make sure you do your research.

Additional cameras/sensors

Although many modern cars come with the now-standard ‘reverse camera’, if you are driving a secondhand car, it’s likely you don’t enjoy this luxury. Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market to assist with this. A common option is a reverse camera that ‘appears’ in your rearview mirror. Combined with relevant sensors for parking purposes, you can prevent minor bumps very easily.

Blindspot detector

The infamous blindspot is called that for a reason, but what if we could install some technology to cover it for us? Some modern cars will come with a blindspot detector, but for under $500, you can get a system that will alert you with lights, sounds, or both, when there is a car in your blind spot. This can assist with things like reaction time and decision making, helping to avoid accidents.

Forward collision warning systems

In a similar vein to the blind spot system, a forward collision detector monitors your vehicle’s speed, the speed of the vehicle in front of you, and the distance between your cars. It will alert you if your car gets too close to the one in front due to your speed. This is especially valuable in a scenario where, for example, the car in front of you has to slam on their brakes, which could result in an accident.


There are a wealth of options out there to increase the safety of your vehicle, from recording devices to detection items. Accidents will still happen though, and you can sadly still be in an accident where you hold no fault. If so, under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. If that occurs, dial 1800 699 034 to reach the best replacement car team in Australia.