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Four simple tips for better driving

By November 26, 2019August 30th, 2023No Comments

Very few people would ever admit to being a ‘bad’ driver, but most people would accept that there are areas where we might improve our skills. Here are four simple tips, covering areas that can inadvertently be neglected…

Avoid simply following the vehicle in front of you

Many people get into this habit, paying little attention beyond that vehicle. The danger is that they then become purely reactive drivers. This means they both suddenly brake and then increase speed in relation to that other car, bus, or truck. Aim to be more observant than that; take time to scan the road beyond and be better prepared for any changes to driving conditions.

Allow a greater distance to that vehicle in front

Following on from the first point, tailgating leaves you in danger of being unable to brake in time when necessary. This also makes it more difficult to put the previous tip into action. It’s even the case that you are likely to brake and accelerate more frequently. This can prove to be confusing to those following you.

Adjust your mirrors before starting a journey

It’s easy for them to get the occasional knock as passengers (especially kids) get in and out of a car. Then, when driving, you might not be instantly aware that they are mispositioned. This can cause dangerous blind spots in your all-round driving vision.

Appreciate that your indicators are a vital communication device

When these are not used effectively, other drivers can become frustrated by this lack of communication – we bet this has also happened to you! Appreciate that you should aim to indicate a few seconds before taking any necessary action; this allows those following to react in a safe way.

You might still be the victim of a not your fault accident

Driving safely and sensibly doesn’t always work. The acts of others can lead you to the point where your car is damaged in a collision and needs to spend time in a repair shop. If this is the case, under Australian Law you are entitled to an accident replacement courtesy car. In case this ever fits your situation, keep this number with you: 1800699034. Using it means you can speak to an expert member of our Not My Fault team about what has happened to you…