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At this time of year, traffic can be heavy as people head out-and-about to visit relatives and celebrate the festive season with friends. With excited kids distracting drivers from the back seats, or sudden last-minute journeys being taken in a hurry, these factors can also lead to more road accidents.

Problems after an accident

If you are involved in an accident where you are blameless, the first concern is obviously for the health of all concerned. Once that worry has lessened, concerns about the consequences, especially at this time of year, can then kick in.

You know your vehicle is going to be in the repair shop – and that this process might take longer than usual in the middle of a holiday season.

Yet, probably more than normal, you are relying on it to visit or transport relatives, or to drop-off and pick-up kids from parties. Then there’s the shopping to be completed, and many other activities to be managed.

Many people instantly try to hire a rental car – with all the cost this involves, and no guarantee that the money spent will be able to be reclaimed.

Some good news

There is some positive news; a key point that many Australians are not fully aware of. Under our law, if you are the victim of an accident that was not your fault, then you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car while yours is undergoing all necessary repairs.

Further good news: this car should be of a comparable standard to your own vehicle. This means it should still be able to cope with the number of people using it as your own does. Therefore, a family saloon should not be replaced by a much smaller vehicle.

You may, until now, have been unaware of this right to a replacement vehicle. Not surprisingly, as they have to meet the cost, many insurance companies don’t promote this entitlement.

The action to take

Keep our Not My Fault number with you at all times; it’s 1800699034. If you are an unfortunate traffic accident victim, as described above, then contact us regarding that accident replacement car. It can even be delivered direct to your home or place of work – or to the repair shop where you have taken your vehicle.

Of course, we hope not to hear from you as you enjoy Christmas and New Year celebrations without incident. But accidents do happen, so please remember that we’re always ready to help.

Finally, can we offer you – Season’s Greetings!