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We’re not talking about a gentle spring breeze, but a full-on howling, gusting, gale. If you are driving in such conditions, probably an unusual experience for you, then here are a few key tips for keeping both yourself, and other road users, safe…

+ In towns or cities, beware of the shelter offered by high buildings, as sudden gusts may hit you that are funnelled through the gaps between them

+ The same can be true of any high-sided vehicles. You should also given them much more passing space, as they can easily and suddenly swerve from their current lane

+ Avoid towing anything, from horseboxes to trailers with equipment on board, as you’ll likely have much less control over them than you’d normally expect

+ In country areas, if you see small amounts of tree debris as you approach a corner, slow down – there may be a fallen branch or even toppled tree just out of sight

+ At night, a partially fallen tree might be just above the line of sweep covered by your headlights – so be extra vigilant

+ Make sure you leave much more room when passing cyclists or motorcyclists – whether on your own side of the road or if they are approaching you. They will have much less control over their transport if a sudden gust hits them. They can easily veer right into your path with very little warning time

A simple lesson from all of the above

The above, put together, suggest another course of action if seriously strong winds are forecast. Put off your journey if at all possible. If not, commit to driving more slowly, give yourself extra time to reach your destination. You might be faced with blocked or even completely closed roads, time-consuming detours, even suddenly-imposed speed limits.

Even if you take all care – accidents still happen

Do remember, if you are a victim of another driver’s mistake, under Australian Law, you are entitled to a courtesy accident replacement vehicle while yours is in the repair shop. That’s why it’s wise to keep this number in your mobile or another hand-held device: 1800 699 034. It will connect you to our experienced and helpful Not My Fault team who are waiting to be of assistance