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In the moments following a car accident, it can be easy to get swept up in the adrenaline. Tensions are high and anxiety is flaring, often making it hard to keep a level head and remember all the things you need to do in this situation. Here is what do to directly after a not at fault car accident.

Gather information

In order to make an insurance claim for an accident that is not your fault, you will need the other driver’s details. Take their driver’s licence number, name, phone number and the registration of the car they were driving. If it is a hit and run, try to catch their registration number.

Take notes of the accident scene

Write down anything you can remember about what happened in as much detail as you can, as soon as you can after it happened. These details can become hazy after the adrenaline leaves your system, so recalling it ASAP can help you get the best chance of telling your insurance provider the most accurate recount of your experience.

Get the contact details of a witness

If someone is close by who saw what happened, it’s a good idea to get their contact details so you can provide them in your insurance claim. A witness can help confirm what happened and who is at fault by providing a non-biased, third-party recount of the accident.

Take photos at the scene

Before you leave the scene of the accident, make sure you take photographic evidence of the damage, positions of the cars and any objects in the environment that were involved in the accident. You might need to use these photos later in as proof in your insurance claim.

After a not at fault car accident, you may need a replacement vehicle so you’re not left without transportation while your car is getting repaired. Not My Fault provides not at fault car hire and can help you when you have been in a car accident. Let the friendly team at Not My Fault help you get back on the road by contacting them today.