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Here’s a common accident scenario: you park your car at the shops and come back to find someone has reversed their vehicle into one of your bumpers.

Whether they’ve driven off to avoid the problem or stayed around to swap insurance details, the damage to your car can be quite serious, even if it looks like just a few dents or scratches.

Bumpers can have a big impact

Especially on modern cars, the bumper can be an integral part of the vehicle, housing or shielding sensors for systems such as the airbags.

The impact of the other car hitting yours may have damaged these sensors or other parts within the engine bay, wheels or differential.

This could mean your vehicle may develop problems further down the road, or may not even be able to tell you a glitch exists within the damaged area.

Small fixes can mean a big inconvenience

Regardless of how severe the impact to the bumper may be, it is always wise to take the vehicle to a mechanic for an inspection, and if repairs or replacement parts are needed, then your insurance company can help cover the costs.

However, following this vital process means your vehicle might be out of action for a while.

Most smash repairs such as fender benders can be fixed within a day. But parts may not always be readily available for your model of vehicle or the chosen mechanic may be busy, and you could end up stuck without the use of your car, even while dealing with something as simple as a dented bumper.

Accident replacement vehicles can save the day

If the accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to a like for like accident replacement vehicle that you can drive around while your damaged car is getting repaired.

Not My Fault can help you sort out problems with your car, whether it’s something as small as a car park fender bender or a smash on the highway.

Damage to your car’s bumper can lead to or mask serious problems. It is better to have the vehicle inspected and repaired if necessary. And with an accident replacement vehicle readily available if the accident was not your fault, you can get on with your life.