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A range of circumstances may have lead you to drive a different car. You might have exchanged your car for a different model, had to borrow a vehicle from a friend or family member, or, after an accident, you need to drive a courtesy replacement vehicle.

Before you head out in your new vehicle, here are three key actions to take to make sure you are in the best possible driving position:

Adjust the seat and headrest

Accept that this might take a few attempts and a bit of wriggling before you are comfortable. Experts suggest your knees should bend slightly as you depress the clutch. The seat should be set at a height that will give you a clear view of the road ahead and the backrest should see you sitting upright, roughly at a ninety-degree angle. Finally, move the headrest until the top of it aligns with the top of your head. Remember to check that it doesn’t hamper your ability to turn your head to check any blind spots.

Setting the steering wheel

It is typically recommended that your steering wheel should be around 30 cms from your chest; this leaves room for the inflation of the airbag. When you sit back in your seat, your wrists should ideally sit on the top edge of the wheel quite comfortably.

Positioning the mirrors

Now that you are sitting comfortably, you can begin to check both the angle and positioning of both the interior and side mirrors. Make sure you have a clear view of everything behind you. It’s recommended that side mirrors give you a glimpse of the side of your vehicle as well as of the rear horizon.

Final thoughts

Remember that these three key areas are equally important to check if someone has borrowed your vehicle, or if it’s back with you after time spent in a repair shop after an accident.

Should you be the victim of a not at fault car accident, then talk to our team here at Not My Fault, as under Australian Law, you are entitled to an accident replacement vehicle. Our number is 1800699034.