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No matter the situation, a car accident is never intentional, particularly when a person finds themselves in a not at fault car accident. Once it has occurred, so many thoughts and feelings run through the victim’s mind and body, with the first one often being – what do I do now?

The body’s response – Shock

Shock is a natural reaction for one to experience in an accident, so the first step of dealing with the situation and attempting to think clearly is tackling that. When a body is responding to emotional shock, cortisol is released into the bloodstream which can blur clear judgement and cause the victim to make rash decisions. When in shock, a person may experience shakiness, confusion and rising blood pressure, which are all factors that may impact the future outcome of a car accident.

Dealing with shock

To counteract the shock, it is important to focus on slow breathing and to stay hydrated by drinking water or non-caffeinated liquids. Supplements such as magnesium will relax the body and keeping warm is vital to be able to think clearer. The duration of being in shock varies from person to person, but when in shock after a car accident there is one thing that is clear, decisions should not be made until one is calm.

The logistics aftermath

Even if the victim is not injured in a not at fault car accident, they will often have to deal with the repercussions which can cause emotional stress. Things such as insurance, financial strains and a lack of transport can all impact one’s ability to get over shock faster.

How to lessen all of these effects – Preparation

Being mentally prepared for a car accident is the most effective way to lessen the onset of stress. Knowing that services such as not at fault accident rental cars are available is one way to pre-empt a time where transport and the reliability of having one’s own car may be compromised.

Simply by researching the laws, knowing insurance policy details and having details such as the most relevant accident replacement car service handy will not only lessen stress, it will create peace of mind and ultimately get the victim back on the road sooner.

The helpful team at Not My Fault are empathetic and understanding. They will be able to provide a replacement car, leaving the person with no out of pocket expenses and will even deliver it to their door or workplace. Not My Fault has a transport option for every person in a not at fault car accident.